High pressure on oil platforms or in the process industry – we have the protective products.

Ever since we developed our first collection of protective clothing for waterjetting in 1994, we have consulted end users across the world. Our aim is to offer a broad range of protective equipment with technically advanced features, high level of comfort and high quality. TST® was first with CE-marked products for waterjetting protection and it is a challenge to keep up with the technical development on pumps and accessories, and the demands from the users. To further improve our products, we use special fabrics containing the worlds strongest fiber – Dyneema® fiber. Being an official licensee of DSM Dyneema gives us, and you, a great advantage for the future!

strongest_fibreDyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber
(15 times stronger than steel on a weight for
weight basis). This makes it possible to offer
high levels of protection against waterjetting
hazards even with lightweight fabric. Being
much thinner and more flexible than traditional
materials, such as leather, cotton and metals,
products made with Dyneema® fiber will be
very comfortable. Employees will appreciate
this comfort, combined with higher protection,
and consequently are more likely to wear them
at all times.



Areas with Protection

Striped fabric clearly identifies protected areas and the labels tell the level of protection. As waterjetting is very dangerous, it is essential that the operator knows where and what he is protected for.

New Certification

Pumps and accessories gets more and more effective. Our new clothing is tested and certified in accordance with todays technical level and both for single and rotor jet.

Water Proof

New outer material in a 3 layer laminate withstands water and dirt more effectively. This makes the operator dryer and lighter, and the clothing is easy to clean.

Easy to Choose

The new collection is selected with experience from 16 years of service and continous contact with the users.